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Middle East Eye

How Emirati air power turned Haftar's Libyan oil ports disaster to victory, 21 March 2017
Libye : comment Haftar a perdu le contrôle de plusieurs ports pétroliers, with Wolfgang Pusztai, 9 March 2017
How Haftar lost the oil ports - as Libya moves closer to uncontrolled break-up, with Wolfgang Pusztai, 6 March 2017

War Is Boring

The Libyan National Army Is Running Out of Air Power, 17 April 2017
All Bets Are Off as a Surprise Offensive Roils the Libyan War, 6 March 2017
It Looks Like Russia Gave a Fighter Jet to Libya’s Warlord, with Wolfgang Pusztai, 1 March 2017
Emirati Fighter Jets Could Help Tip the Libyan Civil War, 6 Feb. 2017
Terrific — Libyan Militants Now Have Deadly Chinese Landmines, 16 Jan. 2017
Erik Prince’s Mercenaries Are Bombing Libya, 14 Jan. 2017
A New Civil War Could Break Out in Libya, with Wolfgang Pusztai, 11 Jan. 2017
In 1987, the French Air Force Staged a Daring Raid on Libyan Defenses, with Tom Cooper, 2 Jan. 2017
When Militants Attacked Libya’s Oil Region, Regime Aircraft Struck Back Hard, 13 Dec. 2016
Guess Who’s Bombing the Crap Out of Libya - UAE warplanes are killing civilians in Benghazi, 5 Dec. 2016
Iraqi Army Chopper Pilot — ‘The Fighting Must Continue!’, 28 Nov. 2016
Libya’s Chinook Helicopters Are Old as Hell, 14 Nov. 2016
A Fierce Air War Over Libya’s Oil Fields Has Killed Innocent Civilians, 4 Oct. 2016
It Sure Seems Like Egypt and the UAE Are at War In Libya, 29 Sept. 2016
You’re a Libyan Military Pilot Trainee — Now Who Do You Fight For?, 19 Sept. 2016
Let’s Account for All of Iraq’s Tank-Busting Jets - Counting Baghdad’s Su-25s is tricky business, 5 Sept. 2016
The LNA’s Planes and Helicopters Are Scattering Cluster Munitions Across Libya, 27 Aug. 2016
Warning — MiG-25!, 15 Aug. 2016
"The two Libyan Air Forces" Who’s backing who ?, 4 Aug. 2016
The Iraqi Air Force Just Got New Bomber Planes — By Arming Transports, 3 Aug. 2016
Libya’s Peculiar, Aerial-Refueling MiG-23s, with Tom Cooper, 6 July 2016
Iraqis and Americans Butted Heads Over the ISIS ‘Convoy Massacre’, 4 July 2016

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